Lenovo vs HP: Laptop Comparison 2017

If you’ve spent at least some time browsing for powerful laptops you probably know the world’s two most recognizable laptop brands today: Lenovo vs HP.

These two tech giants are two completely different brands in terms of their approach to producing laptops, which is why it’s so important to know their pros and cons.

We’ve put together a list of best Lenovo and HP laptops so that you could see the best laptop options on the market today. In fact, we have a clear winner today, with one of the two brands in question winning in all categories of our chart.

However, some may still want to look into the two brands to make sure they find a laptop that perfectly suits their needs.

Things to Consider Between Lenovo and HP

  • Price. This one is difficult to determine. While HP offers generally cheaper laptops than Lenovo, with Lenovo you can be sure that you’re paying every penny for quality.

And while Lenovo’s budget laptops are great laptops for basic tasks, the same cannot be said about HP’s cheapest laptops. So it’s up to you whether you want to spend $200 for HP’s cheapest laptop or add 50 more bucks and buy a pretty good Lenovo laptop.

  • Appearance. While HP has a wide range of laptops that look cool and stylish, its range of colors is rather standard and dull. Lenovo, meanwhile, offers all kinds of laptop designs of pretty much all colors.

Lenovo was the one who introduced superlight laptops as well as laptops that fold in an unusual way. So in terms of appearance and design, Lenovo wins.

  • Features. Both HP and Lenovo offer a huge number of various features, some of which are great, and some are useless. Lenovo, however, has more useful features that allow to boost the laptop’s performance.
  • Performance. Although powerful, most HP laptops are far less advanced than Lenovo laptops in terms of performance. In no way does it mean that HP laptops are weak, but most laptops produced by Lenovo in the past few years can easily run games without delays, which says a lot about performance.

While Lenovo has been focused on producing laptops suited for gaming, HP’s main focus has been design work (working with programs such as Photoshop and Sony Vegas. Most of the two brands’ laptops cope easily with multitasking.

  • Laptop Options and Innovation. HP is far less innovative than Lenovo (and that’s understandable since we are talking about the brand that introduced superlight laptops that fold).

Lenovo also wins in terms of laptop options it offers, since HP has been producing rather standard-looking laptops.

  • Reliability and Customer Service. Lenovo laptops, despite their high reliability, require their owners to call customer service from time to time. And that’s where the brand has a large disadvantage, as the average call time is nearly 30 minutes long.

HP, meanwhile, doesn’t have such problems. However, HP laptops are less reliable compared to Lenovo laptops. So the winner of this category is rather difficult to determine.

Top 10 HP vs Lenovo Laptops Table

PictureNameLenovo or HPPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameLenovo or HPPriceRating (1-5)
1. Lenovo Z70 17.3-Inch LaptopLenovo$$$$4.2
2. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E550Lenovo$$4.2
3. Lenovo ThinkPad 11e UltrabookLenovo$4.1
4. Lenovo Thinkpad 11Lenovo$4.1
5. Lenovo IdeaPad G50Lenovo$$4.0
6. HP Laptop A6-SeriesHP$3.9
7. HP Notebook 15-ay011nr HP$$3.9
8. HP Stream Notebook HP$3.8
9. HP Pavilion Flagship LaptopHP$$$3.7
10. HP Intel Celeron N2840HP$$3.4

Top 3 Best Lenovo vs HP Reviews

1. Lenovo Z70

Lenovo Z70 is a clear winner of our today’s Lenovo vs HP laptops chart. With its super powerful performance and a whopping 17.3-inch display, Z70 is a reliable laptop that is well suited for gaming.

This laptop allows you to enjoy the process of playing games or watching videos at superb quality thanks to the NVIDIA GeForce 840M graphics as well as the innovative JBL designed speakers with Dolby advanced audio.

Lenovo Z70 can easily cope with multi-tasking, offers impressive Intel processing and is a great choice for people working with design programs.

The cool-looking Z70 offers a stylish yet comfortable ebony black design with an upscale tactile feel.

2. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge

This portable yet powerful laptop is a pretty great solution for those looking for a responsive laptop for work. The 15.6-inch Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E550 comes with a LED backlight, anti-glare display that offers great graphics.

The E550 weighs a little more than 5 pounds and is very thin for a laptop that powerful. This laptops comes with the Intel Dual Core i3-5005U 2.0 GHz processor and offers multiple ports as well as an optical drive.

Lenovo’s E550, which comes in the graphite black design, is a slim laptop that is best suited for work, watching videos, surfing the Internet and other not-too-demanding activities.

Just as always, with this laptop Lenovo has proven that each and every laptop it produces is worth every penny you’re spending.

3. Lenovo ThinkPad 11e

An even more portable and even lighter laptop than Lenovo’s E550, Lenovo’s 11e is a wonderful ultrabook that easily handles everyday tasks. This laptop, however, is not the best solution for gaming.

This lightweight laptop is equipped with the AMD APU A4-6210 Quad Core Processor and has everything you need for work.

One of the laptop’s many pros is that it’s not flooded with the so-called ‘bloatware’ and has only the programs you need for everyday tasks.

However, many customers note that Lenovo ThinkPad 11e’s keyboard is not as responsive as they would like it to be. But for a laptop with such a price tag this con was somewhat expected and obvious. Otherwise, it’s a great laptop for undemanding tasks.

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